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Pukka Pads

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The Brief

Aspekt was brought on board by Pukka Pads to create a bespoke E-Commerce platform. The website would need to showcase Pukka Pads’ most popular products and be fully integrated with the company’s existing inventory management software.

The Challenge

The customer facing website would need to be responsive and optimised for both mobile and browser whilst also allowing the team to manage, check and process orders.

Solution & Services

Aspekt would design, develop and host a Magento UI and UX platform capable of the desired functions. Alongside this, Aspekt have created digital marketing campaigns for use across PPC and social media platforms and promote direct-to-consumer sales.

Check out our full case study, including the first look at our upcoming marketing campaigns by visiting us on Behance, or get in touch to see how we can build, design and market your new business.

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