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AAB Cars

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AAB Cars case study

AAB Cars acts as a second-hand car lead generation tool which allows customers to submit their details in the form of an online enquiry.




AAB Cars


Web Apps

01 Brief


AAB Cars brought Aspekt on board to design and build a website to support the company with generating leads. The website would be user-friendly and quick and easy to navigate for potential customers.

02 Challenge


The website would need to be integrated with the DVLA’s API in order to gain initial details about a user’s vehicle. There must also be functionality to decline applicants based on their distance from the showroom.

03 Solution


Aspekt created a website which uses live data from the DVLA API integrations, efficient search tools and drop-down menus to make the process of selling a car as simple as possible for customers.

Project overview

Kind words from the client

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