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UKFT Futures

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UKFT Futures case study

UKFT is the UK’s largest fashion and textiles network. Aiming to connect and support designers, manufacturers and retailers, they offer an array of free resources.






UI/UX Design

01 Brief


UKFT is the UK’s largest fashion and textiles network and contacted Aspekt to update their branding and develop an engaging website which provides industry-specific resources, opportunities and support to users.

02 Challenge


The website would need to host a large number of files with the ability to expand through ongoing uploads. Any branding must appeal to a variety of demographics including students, teachers, careers advisors and parents.

03 Solution


Aspekt would create a sleek, bold branding style for UKFT which catches the eye of prospective users. Alongside this, they would develop and host a user-friendly website, robust enough to support an extensive resource library.

Project overview

Kind words from the client

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